Spray Tanning Myths

February 14, 2018

Many people avoid spray tans for all the wrong reasons. They have likely received this false information from someone who did not follow the “rules” of #spraytanning. These rules are not difficult, but they are vital to the success of your spray tan. Because the risks of indoor and outdoor tanning are so extensive and extreme, the following myths need to be addressed so that more people can enjoy the safer alternative to getting that warm, golden tan desired by so many:


  1. Spray Tans Are Messy--No! Professional spray tans are applied with a high-speed airbrush that allows for quick drying, so the tan does not run. However, if you do not follow the instructions provided by the professional, you may run into an issue. For instance, one client went into a steam room after an application. This is discouraged as steam opens the pores and may cause the tan to run.

  2. Spray Tans Are Fake Looking--Wrong! A tanning professional knows the amount of formula to apply to avoid any unnatural appearances. Again, the tools used to apply spray tan help prevent any uneven application that cannot be avoided with self-tanning lotions.

  3. Spray Tans Are Dangerous--Only if you drink the chemicals! The tanning professional will help you to avoid getting the formula in your mouth or eyes. The formula contains approved ingredients for safe use on skin. Plus, the dangers of the sun and/or tanning beds is much worse.

  4. Spray Tans Do Not Last--This depends on you! Spray tans can be maintained with proper care. Exfoliating prior to application is essential as well as applying moisturizer after the application. These steps and others can help lengthen the life of your tan!


Spray tans are an excellent alternative to the damaging UV rays of the sun and tanning beds. They provide great-looking skin that glows. If you’ve heard otherwise, you’re talking to the wrong person!


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